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Music Fueled by Love & Passion, The Swansons, a husband and wife duet, with such unique talent that has not been seen since the days of Sonny and Cher.  Joe and Angie Finley formed The Swansons in 2013.  They have forged a path through Hollywood all the way to Nashville Tenneessee.  Along the way, The Swansons have had the distinct opportunity to open for some of the greatest performers in the world.  They have shared the stage with Grammy Nominees and legends such as 'Berlin' and 'Wayne Newton' amongst many others.  The Swansons have performed at venues all over Southern California as well as Chicago and Nashville.  Joe and Angie have 2 independent albums to their credit and are expected to release their country debut this fall 2017.  The Swansons were named 'Live Performers of the Year' in 2016 by The Hollywood Producers Choice Honors.  Their sound is unique and catchy.  Their songs are rhythmic and memorable. Their style is pure positive energy that demands your inclusion.  Get ready to be happy when you go out and see the Swansons! Their intention is real and it feels wonderful! If you have already seen this band then you know exactly what I'm talking about! If you've recently became a Swan Fan... Welcome to Swansonville!!!